KCS Bar Joist

KCS-Series Bar Joists

KCS Series bar joists are designed for constant shear & moment, these joists have greater flexibility that lets them to carry extra loads.

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    Disclaimer: Bar joists are an engineered product and can only support their required design load if the “system” is designed and installed properly. The Engineer-of-Record (EOR) is responsible of designing this system that includes but not limited to bridging, supports, connections, anchors and specific design loads. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that joists and bridging purchased will be selected, erected and installed properly.


    The KCS Series joist is a variation of the K Series Joist is typically used for shorter span conditions where constant shear and moment design requirements must be met. These joists handle spans that wood systems cannot handle and their lightweight construction makes them more affordable than steel beams. KCS Series joists range in depth from 10” to 30” and can span up to 60’-0".

    Steel KCS Joist Diagram

    About O'Donnell Metal Deck:

    These welded-steel products are used to support a building’s roof and floors. They are custom engineered to suit the design of each building. In addition to traditional designs, we produce bowstring, arched, scissor, double-pitched, and single-pitched KCS open web steel joists.

    We offer fast shop drawings and shop billing of KCS Series bar joists for fast delivery to the East Coast — proudly supplying projects in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

    Fast Bar Joist Shop Drawings:

    Our ability to provide fast bar joist approvals has made us one of the best bar joist supply and detailing companies in the United States. Our process begins with fast and direct communication with our customers and stakeholders to ensure maximum productivity and timeliness. The bar joist drawing process is as outlined below.

    Approval Drawings

    Our team gathers, reviews and interprets information from the contract bid documents.

    EOR Review

    Our steel bar joist layout is submitted to the design team for missing information or discrepancies to solve potential issues.

    BOM Fabrication

    Once approved by the engineer, our detailers submit their bills of material to be fabricated.

    Field Use Plans

    We'll issue easy to read steel bar joist erection plans for field use to save installation time.


    Learn More about Steel Bar Joist Shop Drawings.

    Bar Joist Details:

    Sloped Joist Seat Example



    Seat Depth

    Sloped Joist Seats:

    Our in house detailing is capable of detailing and accommodating joists with sloped seats.

    Top Chord Extensions:

    Typically used to create awnings or support a wide array of structural elements.

    Bottom Chord Extensions

    Bottom chord extensions for hanging drop ceilings or additional structural elements.

    Seat Depth:

    K-Series: 2 ½"
    LH-Series: 5"
    DLH-Series: 7 ½"

    KCS-Series Joist Data

    10KCS1 10KCS2 10KCS3
    Depth (in.) 10 10 10
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 6.0 7.5 10.0
    12KCS1 12KCS3 12KCS5
    Depth (in.) 12 12 12
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 6.0 8.0 10.0
    14KCS1 14KCS3 14KCS4
    Depth (in.) 14 14 14
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 6.5 8.0 10.0
    16KCS2 16KCS3 16KCS4 16KCS5
    Depth (in.) 16 16 16 16
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 8.5 10.5 14.5 18.0
    18KCS2 18KCS3 18KCS4 18KCS5
    Depth (in.) 18 18 18 18
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 9.0 11.0 15.0 18.5
    20KCS2 20KCS3 20KCS4 20KCS5
    Depth (in.) 20 20 20 20
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 9.5 11.0 15.0 18.0
    22KCS2 22KCS3 22KCS4 22KCS5
    Depth (in.) 22 22 22 22
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 10.5 12.5 16.5 20.5
    24KCS2 24KCS3 24KCS4 24KCS5
    Depth (in.) 24 24 24 24
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 10.5 12.5 16.5 20.5
    26KCS2 26KCS3 26KCS4 26KCS5
    Depth (in.) 26 26 26 26
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 10.5 12.5 16.5 20.5
    28KCS2 28KCS3 28KCS4 28KCS5
    Depth (in.) 28 28 28 28
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 10.5 12.5 16.5 20.5
    30KCS3 30KCS4 30KCS5
    Depth (in.) 30 30 30
    Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 13 16.5 21


    Steel Joist Institute Certified

    SJI Certified Manufacturers:

    Every open web steel joist that we supply is manufactured to exact specifications by Steel Joist Institute (SJI) members, which means that you can be assured of the highest quality product.

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    Made in America:

    Our products are made with US made steel. When mill certificates are required, we can provide you the material's physical and chemical properties. Contact Us for more information regarding mill certs for your project.

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