Metal Deck Foam Closures

Metal Deck Foam Plugs

Foam closures are available in a variety of widths and materials to meet your projects needs. Our closures can handle extreme weather and varying temperatures. These flexible and lightweight closures are designed to handle closure shrinkage, moisture absorption, vapor transmission, and noise migration issues.

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Linear Ft.
Plug or Strip

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Use Foam Closure to complete the installation of your corrugated roofing system. Solid closure strips should be used in roof valleys, while closure plugs should be used in deck flutes.

  • For use when a weather-tight seal is required
  • Closure strips are available in vented style, to allow air flow when needed
  • Solid closure strips should be at the ridge when using ridgeline ridge vent
  • Easy to cut and install
Available in a material to meet your spec
  • EPDM foam rubber
  • Laminated closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene
  • Non-laminated, cross-linked polyethylene
  • Nomaco GF1 Foam
1.5" Type B Plugs
2" Composite Plugs

1.5" B Deck Foam Plugs


2 Foam Plugs Per Foot Icon

2" Composite Deck Foam Plugs

1 Foam Plugs Per Foot Icon

3" Type N Plugs
3" Composite Plugs

3" N Deck Foam Plugs


1.5 Foam Plugs Per Foot Icon


3" Composite Deck Foam Plugs

 1 Foam Plugs Per Foot Icon

1.5" Type B Strip
2" Composite Strip

1.5" B Deck Foam Strips

36" Foam Strip Icon

2" Composite Deck Foam Strips

36" Foam Strip Icon

3" Type N Strip
3" Composite Strip

3" N Deck Foam Strips


24" Foam Strip Icon

3" Composite Deck Foam Strips


36" Foam Strip Icon


Standard Sizes 1.5" B Deck |  2" Floor Deck | 3" Floor Deck |  | 3" N Deck
Dimensions  varies by deck type
Standard Lengths  varies by plug | 36" or 24" strips
Available Types plug | strip

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