Steel Deck & Bar Joist Mezzanine

Metal Deck for Structural Mezzanines

A structural steel mezzanine is a mid level floor in a building, commonly between the ground floor and the roof. The structural framing is typically fabricated out of structural steel beams and columns and sometimes bar joists. Metal decking is then used to span across the beams or joists with either concrete or various hard surfaces such as plywood or diamond plate placed on top.

Steel Joist Metal Decking Mezzanine

Why Use Metal Decking and Bar Joists for Mezzanines?

The majority of mezzanines occur in existing warehouse-style buildings. It provides building owners with additional floor space at a low square foot cost. Because a mezzanine built inside an existing building it does not need exterior walls or a roof since those things already exist.

An engineered structural steel mezzanine is ideal for heavy-duty settings. Some common applications of mezzanines include second-story offices, storage decks, work platforms, and storage decks.

Metal Deck for Dumpster Gates

1.5 VLI Composite Deck Closeup

1.5 B Deck

1.5" Type B Roof Deck for mezzanines is a common choice due to its strength, durability and availability.

1.5 Comp Deck

1.5" Composite Floor Deck for mezzanines is another common choice when pouring a concrete slab for a mezzanine.

Steel Bar Joists 

Open Web Bar Joists are often used in mezzanines to cut down on the amount of beams used in the design.

Fast Mezzanine Shop Drawings:

Our ability to provide fast steel deck & bar joist approvals has made us one of the best metal deck & bar joist supply and detailing companies in the United States. Our process begins with fast and direct communication with our customers and stakeholders to ensure maximum productivity and timeliness. The metal deck shop drawing process is as outlined below or you can learn more about Metal Deck Shop Drawings.

Approval Drawings

Our team gathers, reviews and interprets information from the contract bid documents.

EOR Review

Our steel deck & bar joist layout is submitted to the design team for missing information or discrepancies to solve potential issues.

BOM Fabrication

Once approved by the engineer, our detailers submit their bills of material to be fabricated.

Field Use Plans

We'll issue easy to read structural steel erection plans for field use to save installation time.


Steel Joist Mezzanine Shop Drawing Example

Metal Deck Mezzanine Shop Drawing Example

Where Do I Purchase Metal Decking For A Mezzanine?

A steel fabricator will likely be the one installing the metal deck and additional steel frame. If this is a part of a new project a local general contractor might complete the entire project. While metal decking used in a variety of applications, steel deck for mezzanines is a common component

O'Donnell Metal Deck stocks a variety of B deck & composite deck in various gauges and finishes to make your mezzanine project a success. We can cut our steel deck to size and ship within one day anywhere in the USA via palletized shipping for ease and convenience.

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