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O’Donnell Metal Deck roof deck products serve as the structural base for roofing membranes in commercial roof construction. Commonly, steel roof deck is installed over structural steel supports such as bar joists or steel beams to provide a working platform and to the decking allows for the installation of insulation, weatherproofing, and other primary roofing materials. Additionally steel roof deck encloses a building from wind and due to code requirements it can provide the required fire resistance for a UL approved roof assembly.

Metal roofing decking is not designed or meant to be used as a watertight or under any circumstance a finished roof assembly. Metal deck is a structural component designed to support finished roof in commercial applications.

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Why work with O’Donnell Metal Deck for Metal Roof Deck?

The process is seamless from the time an order is placed. When you need a metal roof deck supplier near you, you can trust O'Donnell Metal Deck to handle your needs. We’ll work with you regarding the specifics of your metal deck order, to including your budget, lead time requirements, and sequencing deliveries to the jobsite. Each quote for metal roof deck is based on:

  • The specific roof deck chosen
  • Number of sheets or sq. ft.
  • Length
  • Gauge
  • Finish

We’ve been a premier wholesale metal roof deck supplier for over 35 years and have over 15,000 projects under our belt. Our multiple stock & manufacturing locations combined experience allow O’Donnell Metal Deck to service any job throughout the USA. Our process allows us to reduce the end-to-end logistic costs for delivering quality products on time, anywhere in the country, regardless of your project requirements. Click here to request a quote for metal roof deck.

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