3.0 Composite Diagram

Composite Slab Design 101

Looking for composite steel decking for your composite slab design or project? You’ve come to the right place with O’Donnell Metal Deck. We provide the highest quality and quick supply of composite steel deck product for your composite steel deck-slab, no matter the size or design.

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Power Actuated Fastening

How To Attach Metal Deck

Fastening Metal Deck to Supporting Members

Metal floor deck or roof deck relies on proper fastening. Whether it is for wind or seismic protection, acting as a concrete form, providing bracing to joists or beams, or working as a safe platform during construction, proper fastening lets the deck do its job.

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What Is A Swedged End?

The process using dies at the end of a profiled sheet of metal deck, in order to create a slight flare which allows the panel ends to be easily laid on top of each other during erection.

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