Dovetail Metal Deck

Dovetail metal deck products utilize the inherent strength and aesthetic appeal of the dovetail shape to provide architectural and structural design professionals a vast array of composite floor and roof deck options. Dovetail deck is made as both floor and roof deck when spans exceed 10 to 25 feet between supports or a shallow floor depth is required. 

Dovetail Deck profiles create a highly effective and value-added deck type for roof systems. it's unqiuely shaped profile creates significant strength and capacity at longer spans, while offering a aesthetic pleasing underside for exposed ceilings.

Dovetail Roof Deck

  • Non-Acoustical Dovetail Roof Deck
  • Acoustical Dovetail Roof Deck

Dovetail Composite Deck

  • Non-Cellular Dovetail Composite Deck
  • Cellular Dovetail Composite Deck

Aoustical dovetail decking is ideal in wide open areas where sound absorption is crucial, such as gyms, auditoriums, theaters, multi-family housing and more.

Dovetail Composite Deck Slab Diagram

Why work with O’Donnell Metal Deck for Dovetail Metal Decking Systems?

The process is seamless from the time an order is placed. When you need architectural dovetail deck supplier near you, you can trust O'Donnell Metal Deck to handle your needs. We’ll work with you regarding the specifics of your dovetail decking order, including your budget, lead time requirements, and sequencing deliveries to the jobsite. Each quote for dovetail roof or floor deck is based on:

  • Type of Dovetail metal deck
  • Number of sheets or sq. ft.
  • Length(s)
  • Gauge
  • Finish

We’ve been a supplying dovetail roof deck and dovetail floor deck for over 35 years and have over 15,000 projects under our belt. Our multiple stock & manufacturing locations combined experience allow O’Donnell Metal Deck to service any job throughout the USA. Our process allows us to reduce the end-to-end logistic costs for delivering quality products on time, anywhere in the country, regardless of your project requirements. Click here to request a quote for dovetail deck.

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