Bar Joist Lean-To

Bar Joist Covered Storage Solution

Convert your existing shipping containers into a functional covered storage area or let us supply the entire package.

O'Donnell Metal Deck can supply an economical and practical solution for storage by using steel bar joists and metal decking to span across two shipping containers, commonly between 20' & 50'+. Our customers can use both the space inside each shipping container as well as the space underneath the roof system for a variety of needs including:

  • Heavy equipment storage
  • Weather sensitive materials
  • Temporary covered space

Bar Joist Shipping Container Roof System

Open Web Bar Joist Supplier

Steel joists handle loads and span conditions that a tradition wood system cannot typically handle. Therefore steel bar joists or also known as open web steel joists are often used in commercial construction for framing floors and roofs offer many advantages when compared to a wood truss or steel beam system. Made of lightweight materials makes them a less costly alternative in building construction. With a diverse array of designations steel joists are able to span up to 144' and range in depth from 8” to 120”.

Customized By Need

O'Donnell Metal deck will help you design the perfect solution for your storage needs with this simple shipping container roof system. Shipping container roof systems offer a clear span design that are built to last when using open web steel bar joists and metal decking.

Bar Joist Shipping Container Roof System Drawing

Open Web Bar Joist Shipping Container Roof System

Bar Joist Shipping Container Covered Storage

Metal Deck and Bar Joist Covered Storage System

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