Metal Deck for Dumpster Gates

Metal Deck for Dumpster Gates & Trash Enclosures

What are Dumper gates or a trash enclosures? Outside a commercial building it is common to see a shelter for trash or recyclable bins. Commonly made with block walls and a roof. They commonly have a form of gate that can be opened to provide access. The gates themselves are designed to be sturdy and accessed by the waste provider. Commonly these gates need to be durable to avoid tampering and heavy use, so they are constructed of heavy gauge structural steel and metal decking.

Why Use Metal Deck for a Dumpster Gates?

The dumpster gate is typically a steel angle frame, and the gates are always job specific to be fabricated per your design.

The corrugated steel panels on the gates are made from typically Type B metal decking. B Deck is the most common product and most cost efficient when it comes to this application while being most readily available. The thickness of the steel deck is commonly between 22, 20 or 18ga. 18ga Steel Deck being the heaviest gauge, and most forgiving to abuse.

We can help provide dumpster gates or trash enclosures cut to size and any gauge that you need.

Metal Deck for Dumpster Gates

1.5" Type B Roof Deck Profile

1.5 B Deck for Trash Gates

1.5" Type B Roof Deck for dumpster gates is a common choice due to its available, durability and ease of installation.

1.5 B Deck Profile

1.5" type B roof deck dimensions for trash gates are 1.5" deep, 6" center to center and are a 36" cover, which accounts for the sidelap rib overlap.

Where Do I Purchase Metal Decking For The Trash Gates?

A steel fabricator will likely be the one installing the metal deck and additional steel frame. A masonry company may complete other aspects of the project. If this is a part of a new project a local general contractor might complete the entire project. While metal decking used in a variety of applications, steel deck for trash gates and it’s common, easy to locate and cost efficient way while keeping a clean aesthetic look.

O'Donnell Metal Deck stocks a variety of B deck in various gauges and finishes to make your dumpster gate project a success. We can cut our steel deck to size and ship within one day anywhere in the USA via palletized shipping for ease and convenience.

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