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    Our Products

    Metal Roof Deck

    Roof Deck

    We stock 1.5" Type B, F and A Deck. 3" N Deck and have all gauges and finishes.

    Roof deck products act alone in transferring horizontal and vertical loads into the building frame.

    Steel Composite Deck

    Composite Deck

    We stock 1.5", 2" and 3" composite decking for concrete.

    Composite steel deck is a permanent concrete form and provides positive reinforcement while eliminating the time and cost of wood forming.

    Steel Form Deck

    Form Deck

    We stock 9/16", 1.0" and 1.5" form decking for concrete.

    It is designed to serve as a permanent steel base for poured concrete, eliminating the time and cost of wood forming. Steel form deck can be used in various ways as the installation is fast, easy and economical.


    Steel Bar Joist

    K, KCS, LH, DLH Steel Bar Joist

    Steel bar joists, also known as open web steel joists, are made of lightweight materials, making them a less costly construction alternative.

    Why Choose Us


    We understand the challenges and time constraints faced with sourcing materials for your next metal deck project. You need a metal decking and steel joist supplier that is in your corner and you can depend on. Fueled by a high-performing team, we offer same-day pickup with an always-in-stock supply of metal decking and next-day shipment to your job site or location.


    We know every metal decking project and supply need is unique — that is why we maintain a collaborative sourcing approach to build long-term relationships with our customers. For over 35 years, our reputation has been the foundation of every O'Donnell Metal Deck project. 

    Steel fabricators, general contractors and developers can count on O'Donnell Metal Deck as a trusted national joist and deck supplier.


    It doesn’t matter the size, we’ll support it! O'Donnell Metal Decks have been involved in projects ranging in size from 10 sq. ft. to over 1,500,000 sq. ft.

    Our team of industry-leading joist and metal deck experts will partner with you in every phase of the project. From quoting to ordering and final delivery, we know the right questions to ask to ensure you have everything you need for a successful project.

    Metal Deck Supplier For 35+ Years

    Since 1996, O'Donnell Metal Deck has been the corrugated metal decking and steel joist supplier you can count on to get you what you need when you need it. With 35+ years and over 15,000 projects under our belt, we’ve perfected our process so it’s smooth and seamless.

    35+ years and over 15,000 projects. Our multiple stock & manufacturing locations combined with our experience allows O’Donnell Metal Deck to service any job throughout the USA. Our process reduces the end-to-end logistics costs for delivering quality joist and deck products on time, anywhere in the country, regardless of your project requirements.

    Choose Quality & Customer Service

    Ready to get started? We know that every project and supply need is unique, so let’s talk about how we can provide metal decking to help get your project completed on time and on budget. Contact us online to request an estimate.

    We offer a collaborative design and sourcing approach to build trust and establish long-term relationships within the steel industry. Steel fabricators, general contractors and developers can count O'Donnell Metal Deck as a trusted national joist and deck supplier. We have 25 year history in the steel joist and deck business for commercial buildings. Whether it's a warehouse, retail store, auditorium, gas stations, schools, churches, or even high rises, we've seen it.

    Trust the Experts

    We help customers hit project deadlines by acting as an extension of their team. Our knowledge of all forms of metal decking helps customers get things done by avoiding headaches and saving time. If you need our help with a quick takeoff or shop drawings for approval, we're here for you.

    Knowing all the details of metal roof deck construction, we supply steel roof decking and metal decking for concrete for all types of projects.