3.0 Composite Diagram

Composite Slab Design 101

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How a Composite Steel Deck-Slab Works

3.0 Composite Diagram

For composite steel deck-slab, you’ll find concrete placed over composite floor deck, in which the steel acts as a support structure for the concrete’s entire life. A composite steel deck combines compression strength of concrete and the tensile strength of steel to reduce amount of materials needed and to improve design efficiency.

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About Composite Floor Deck

Composite deck was designed with a ribbed profile or bump outs in the flutes called “embossments." These embossments grip the concrete as it cures, creating a reinforced concrete slab that serves as a permanent form with positive reinforcement.

The composite name itself derives from the idea that when the concrete cures the deck and concrete work together compositely to provide strength. Sometimes referred to as floor deck, this product is typically used for multiple floors in commercial buildings, bridges, slab infills, porches, parking garages and storage facilities. See more product details »

Composite Floor Deck for All Project Sizes

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